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30 day FREE trial. You can contact us anytime during this process including to purchase visitor label printers to print visitor labels.
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Short 3 minute Visitor Management introduction video
Modules available, choose the modules you need in your business
  • Visitor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Induction Management

Your plan can include at no additional cost the following modules *Business Plan and higher

  • Asset Management
  • Car Park Management
  • Contractor Portal
  • Document Management
  • Drivers Licence Scanning
  • Evacuation Reporting
  • ID Card Management
  • Meeting Room Management
  • Mobile People Presence (SiteGuard App)
  • Qualifications Management
  • RFID Scanning Management
  • Vehicle Presence Management


You may want to use a kiosk like many customers for visitors and contractors to check in and out, we have the following points about kiosks....further information is provided with your login details on how to set up kiosks.
  • You can use any existing PC in your business as a kiosk.
  • You can have dedicated PC's, Laptops or similar as a kiosk.
  • You can create a second screen off your reception PC as a kiosk
  • Install a PC hidden behind a desk only showing the screen to visitors and contractors.
  • You can have unlimited kiosks on your location.
  • We provide full details for setting up your kiosks.
  • We can provide Kiosks
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Not seen the short Visitor, Contractor management video or missed the visitor, contractor management demonstration
Examples of various customer reception desk kiosks

Remember you can turn any PC in your business into a kiosk, send us a photo of your kiosk in action for our public wall.

See more Kiosk examples HERE

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